Everyone has a story that shapes them into the person they are today, and I am no exception.

I grew up in a suburb of Philadelphia, living what I thought to be a normal life. Being a 90s baby, I was living in the very common shoes of a child of divorce. My parents split when I was just 18 months old, yet I really never thought too much about it because it was my normal. I spent a lot of time with my Nana and Poppop as my parents worked, and split my weeks in half by staying with my mom at the start of the week and followed it up with my dad. While I'm my dad's only child, I am lucky to have two sisters on my mom's side, which I believe made the whole "divorce" deal normal.

When I was 9 years old, my dad remarried and my mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She passed away in April of 2001, not even a year after her diagnosis, flipping my world upside down. In the years to follow, I would not only mourn the loss of my mom, but would also experience the loss of many other family members. At the age of 28, I have grieved the loss of 12 family members, the latest being my mother-in-law.

There were many, many years where I felt alone and fell into such negativity that I felt abandoned by a higher power. I felt as though I was losing everyone I loved and that fear came out in my existing relationships. Thankfully, I have friends and family who stuck by me through the tough times, while those who were meant to leave, left.

In January 2012, I left to study abroad in Seville, Spain for 5 months. Having never traveled outside of the country, it was a scary, yet much needed step for me. It was there that I dove into the Law of Attraction and began my journey into the Self Help world. Back then, I didn't think it would become a lifestyle, but here I am, seven years later, hungry for growth!

During the Summer of 2017, after leaving my career of teaching high school Spanish, I started to write my very first book, Spiritual Klutz, sharing stories of my journey with the Law of Attraction and what it's like living a life of personal development. I also created the Relentless Transformation Course, revamping it in the Spring of 2018 to become a DIY Coaching Course. In April 2019, RT went back to being a 1:1 coaching opportunity, available only for select months at a time.

While I left teaching in the traditional sense, my goal is to use my love of teaching and personal development and combine them to bring valuable content to people like me!

My mission is to inspire others to be hellbent on living a life full of passion and purpose, and I am grateful that I was put here on this earth to do just that!

I thank you, readers, so much for supporting me and for embracing your inner Spiritual Klutz! I truly believe we all deserve to live our best life, despite what has happened in our past. I'm grateful for YOU, reader! Everything I do, I do it for YOU (And if you sang that last line like Bryan Adams, then you my friend, are a rock star!)

So, explore the site and enjoy! ♥︎