The Law of Attraction is ALWAYS Working For You

If you’re a Law of Attraction (LOA) junkie like me, you know how beautifully frustrating it can be. For seven years, I’ve been a student of this life-changing law, and there are times when I’m a manifesting machine, and times when I can’t seem to figure it the f*ck out.

But the truth of the matter is, the LOA is always at work. Always. It may not be producing your “desired” results, but it’s producing.

Now, I say desired in quotations, because I know you’re working on manifesting what you want. But if you’re not seeing results, you’re most likely doing some things that are contradicting your desire. Don’t worry, I’m the queen of this at times, so I can say that it does turn around, once you turn around.

We know that the Law of Attraction is like attracting like. What we put out there is what comes back to us. Beginning students tend to think that simply stating your desire and then waiting for it to magically appear is how the Law of Attraction works. Sometimes, things will be effortless like that! Actually, most of it can be effortless like that, but we humans like to complicate pretty much everything in life, so we start to obsess. And when we obsess, the LOA laughs nervously and shuffles away as if you are a stage-five clinger.

In order to actually experience effortless manifestation, you need to learn how to detach from an outcome. I used to think this meant I would never receive what I wanted. When I would hear or read someone saying “Let go of your desire” I thought it meant I couldn’t have it. Why would I let go of something I want?

Because when you let go, you release the need to control the outcome and the manifestation. Letting go doesn’t mean never taking action when the mood strikes, but it does mean dropping the need to take forced action.

What do I mean by this?

I’m sure as avid LOA students, you have heard the term “Inspired Action”. I used to get HEATED when reading about this. If I’m supposed to let go, how am I expected to take action? Can we make up our damn minds already??

Effortless manifestation doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to sit around waiting for something to appear out of thin air. That’s already been said by me and a million others. Sometimes, the Universe will send you little nudges to do something so that manifestation can occur just a tad quicker. YOU don’t have to worry about thinking of the correct action to take. That’s forced action and a sure fire way to keep a tight grip of control on things. When you work with the Universe, it will give you the course of action. You just have to be open to receiving this guidance and take action as soon as the idea or inspiration strikes.

Trusting your intuition is imperative in taking inspired action. It will always be something that feels good, so don’t worry about that. But the second you start overthinking things is the moment you take away the power of co-creation. You start to obsess over whether it’s the right course of action and the Universe face palms.

It can seriously feel like torture.

You feel like you’re trying so hard and that the Universe just doesn’t want to give you what you want.

As someone who has recently been in that exact spot, it’s really not the case.

The Law of Attraction ALWAYS works. I’m here to be a bit in your face to say even though you’re trying your hardest, it’s not the Universe, it’s you.

Want to know why? You are torturing yourself by TRYING.

Let me ask you a question: What would you be doing right now if whatever it is you desired had already manifested?

If you desired a million dollars right now, what would you be doing? Notice how I ask this in the present progressive… the ING. When people get asked this question, they say things like “I’d quit my job” or “I’d buy a boat” which are fine desires to have, but that’s not what you would be DOING. If a boat is truly what you desire with that million dollars, you’d be shoppING around. If you wanted to quit your job to pursue your passion, what the heck would you actually be DOING?!

Do those things.

If you’re desiring a new car, write down all that you want in that new car from the color to the price you’d pay each month (if you even want a monthly payment at all) and then act as if that car is already right there, ready to buy. What do you do when you shop for a new car? You look around at dealerships and you (hopefully) test drive that new car. I did this a few months ago with the car I have been eyeing up for when my lease is up. I really want the new Subaru Ascent. I also want to keep my car in my name and want a monthly payment that is equal or lower than my current payment. So, when inspired action called, I went to the dealership I would go to when it’s time to get this new car, and I test drove that beauty. I fell in love. I also sat down and looked at numbers. I found out my lease is up a little later than I originally thought, which is actually a great thing, because it allows me to do what I need to do in order to keep the car solely in my name.

At first, I was frustrated, because I wanted the car a lot sooner than I’ll be able to get it. But when I started thinking of the positives and how this actually allows for me to do things that FEEL GOOD (like raise my credit score… I’m a nerd), I opened the doors for the Universe to bring this car to me in ways I may not even see possible yet.

This experience with the car pushed me to re-open my coaching program and book a trip to Sedona, AZ to help run a retreat, all things I want to do to grow my business.

And you know what? That makes me feel like a badass. Which is EXACTLY the way I want to feel all the time. When I have all the things I desire, they make me feel like a badass.

Want to know why this is SO important to not only know but understand?

Because knowing how you feel and will feel when the manifestations occur is what will help you take more inspired action. And when you take inspired action, the Universe does what? Delivers. IT DELIVERS.

If you’re feeling obsessive now, you’re going to attract more and more reasons and ways to feel obsessive.

If you’re feeling at peace, you’ll attract more situations that provide you peace.

If you’re feeling angry and frustrated all the time, you’re going to attract things that make you feel that way to keep you feeling that way.

Note: I say “all the time”, because you’re a human being and you’re going to feel mad at times. You’re going to feel sad, too. That’s okay!!!! Just because you have a bad day doesn’t mean the Universe goes “Welp, time to start over.” It’s when you STAY in those feelings for days, months, weeks at a time that the Universe delivers more of it to you. Let yourself feel these emotions instead of pushing them down or away because that will only cause you the need to heal more down the road. Feel the feelings and then release them.

If you’re feeling the negative emotions and have been for a while, it’s time for you to flip the script. Figure out what it is that you want first. Then take it a little deeper… When you have what you want, how will you feel? At peace? Like a badass? A rockstar? FREE?

Then, and this is the best part, start doing things that help you feel that way NOW. Don’t focus on what you perceive you can’t do at the moment. Do what you CAN.

If you want to feel like a badass, what helps you feel that way?

For me, going to kickboxing or going for a run makes me feel like a badass. Coaching people and seeing them realize their power makes me feel like a badass. Writing a kickass blog makes me feel, well, kickass and like a badass!

These are things I can do NOW that help me get into that feeling. And when I put out that feeling of being a badass, the Universe has to give me more and more situations or experiences that make me feel that way.

Like attracts like. ;)

So, if you’re feeling like the LOA isn’t working for you, first recognize that it IS. Just maybe not in the way you truly want it to. Get in touch with where you are, how you’re acting and feeling right now, and flip your script.

Then watch as magic unfolds.

Happy manifesting, friends!

xo, Staci

Staci Speece