Picking The Right Personal Development Resource

The other day I was scrolling The Gram, procrastinating doing anything productive, when I came across a post from a coach who was talking about her newest course she was about to launch. This person is fabulous and produces beautiful content, but I was triggered by a statement she made about this new course. She talked about how she wanted to make it THE course you would need so that you wouldn’t have to keep taking course after course of the same information. Now, let me note, I LOVE her confidence in her abilities to teach others. That’s so important when you’re a personal development entrepreneur.

Then, yesterday, I read a post along the same lines by someone who was talking about their book. Now, as someone who has self-published a book, I know how exciting it is to have others love your work. You get to breathe a sigh of relief and your confidence boots up a bit more. For lack of better words, it’s validating.

But I have to disagree with wanting people to ONLY purchase your course, your book, content, etc. Are there thousands of books and courses out there that have the same information as the next? Absolutely. Are you the best at explaining your area of interest? Maybe you are. But that’s limiting your readers and followers in a world where information is ABUNDANT. It’s mighty bold for you to assume that you are the voice everyone needs to hear. Think back to your days in school. Did you love all of your Math teachers? Most likely not, but they all taught the same subject. Or maybe you did like all of them, but it took just one to ignite your understanding of the concepts. Fun fact: That Math teacher for me left me off the seating chart one time. She impacted my life so much that she was a guest at my wedding :)

Anyway, I never want someone to pick up my books, courses, and journals and only mine. I have unique experiences that help me connect with others who have similar experiences, but that doesn’t mean I can connect with everyone. And quite honestly, I wouldn’t want to. I don’t know how to relate to people who have battled with addiction nor do I have the knowledge of what it feels like to have an eating disorder. But I can relate to the person who just lost their mom. I can relate to the young adult who has experienced so much grief that for a while there, it seemed like life was only going to take from her. I can relate to the first-generation college student. I can relate to the person living paycheck to paycheck while chasing a dream. But I can’t relate to the person who grew up having everything they ever wanted or the person who had a normal family dynamic (to no fault of their own). My teachings may not reach those who do not share my experiences at some level. And that’s okay!

So, what can you do if you are the one seeking the teachers and coaches along your personal development journey?

  1. Among the Many People You Follow, Choose At Least TWO to Use As Mentors: You are going to find that as you continue to learn and grown, your needs in terms of a coach and mentor are going to change. I have found that having a few different authors/speakers to gather information from is super beneficial. I’ve read many books from many different authors, and have found golden information from all of them. But there are a handful that I resonate with the most, so I keep their books close by and follow them on social media in case I need a quick hit of inspiration from them. I’ve resonated with authors/speakers in previous years that I do not resonate with now, and so I want to tell you it’s okay to move on once they’ve served a purpose in your life.

  2. Do NOT Place the Power In Anyone’s Hands But Your Own: The problem with sticking with just one teacher as you move through your life of growth is that a lot of people tend to idolize and put this person on a pedestal. They can do no wrong and if they say anything that doesn’t agree with something you believe, you feel as if you’re wrong and they’re right. In my early years, I was very impressionable and often felt torn when someone I was following said something that was so far from what I believed about a topic. The best thing about being an individual is that you get to have your OWN beliefs and opinions that are separate from others’. It is very true that anything you need is already within you, and even though sometimes we need the words of others to draw those resources out of us, we must remember to never give anyone else OUR power.

  3. Acknowledge the ABUNDANCE of Information Available to You: I think part of what bothers me about teachers, coaches, and authors claiming their products and services are the only ones you’ll ever need is that that approach contributes to a lack mentality. We live in a time when information is at our finger tips 24/7, so why should we only be limited to ONE source? When you Google something, you’re given thousands of websites and articles that can help you on your quest for whatever it is you want to know about. It would kind of suck if Google only gave you one website that they found was best for you. You would feel limited and probably annoyed that you’re being forced to use this one source. Don’t do that when working with teachers/coaches. Respect them and their work, but know that you don’t have to accept what they say as the gospel. Abundance is real, my friends. (Teacher/Coach/Author Gut Check: This isn’t a competition. There are plenty of people who need your light and love, so trust in the abundance and ditch the lack mentality. The Universe will provide you with the perfect clients).

  4. TAKE ACTION: It is VERY easy to get caught up in the learning process without actually doing anything. There was a time in my life when all I would do was read book after book without APPLYING anything I was reading. I thought if I read just one more book it would help everything click in my mind and then life would fall into place. While I definitely believe in the power of alignment, I also know that if I don’t take inspired action (flowing action, not forceful action), then everything I read has been a waste. Whatever course you’re taking or book you’re reading most likely urges you to step up the plate and do your part in creating your dreams. Sometimes that will lead you to another book or another course, and that’s okay! But don’t be a serial reader/course taker without purpose. Make sure you are taking in the information for a REASON.

All in all, you’re going to find what works for you in relation to your personal development. You may choose to follow and learn from those who have similar experiences to you or maybe they don’t. Maybe you just like they way they present themselves and want to adapt some of their habits. It’s all up to you!

And I’m not saying that if someone claims their work is the bees knees that you should run far away, because coaches and teachers really do infuse their works with love & enthusiasm. But don’t let anyone make you believe you can’t seek information elsewhere when you find you need it. Me included! I give you permission (even though you don’t need it) to go elsewhere if and when you need it! That’ the beauty of this abundant universe! There are plenty of humans to help and plenty of teachers to help them :)

Happy Monday, Klutzes! Love you all!

xo, Staci


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Staci Speece