Mini Law of Attraction Game: Repeating Numbers.

I'm very big into Angel Numbers and their meaning behind them. Almost every single day I see at least ONE sequence of repeating numbers. Whether it's 1111 or 444, it's in my line of vision and always gets me to stop in my tracks to say a little "thank you" to my angels and the Universe for looking out for me.

Most people, when they see a sign frequently, discount what they are seeing. They think it's super common and that there really is nothing special to what is being made aware to them. But that's far from the truth and is one of the signs of abundance people often miss in their lives. For example, I see butterflies ALL of the time.  I brought this up one day when speaking with a friend about universal signs, shrugging it off as if seeing a butterfly is a super common occurrence. But for her, it isn't. So from that day forward, I really learned to appreciate seeing these butterflies! 

Signs are the Universe's way of communicating with you. And sometimes, I feel extremely out of touch with my inner guides and the messages that are trying to come across to me. So today, as my fiancé and I made our way home from weekend getaway to the beach, I decided to play a little game with the Universe. I was extremely sad to be returning home, especially because the beach is so freeing and peaceful while my hometown is far from that. But I wanted to keep my mind in the right state, so I opened the Notes app on my phone to keep track of the repeating numbers I saw along the highway.

I decided that I wanted to see repeating numbers from 1-11, whether they were doubles or triples. It was so simple and it was cool to see how quickly the Universe got to work! I made myself aware of the possibilities and remained open, and sure enough, I was placing the Check Mark Emoji next to the numbers as they came to me.

This A) helped me with AWARENESS, something that is so important in the Law of Attraction and B) helped me remain open to the infinite possibilities of where I could see the numbers, also a biggie in the LOA world.

So if you find yourself in a rut or just want something simple to bring you back to connecting with the Universe, give the Repeating Numbers Game a try! It doesn't have to be while you drive. I could be when you are watching TV, reading, exercising, ANYTHING.

Simply write down or open the Notes app on your phone and write/type out: 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, etc. I went up to 12, but you can stop wherever you would like! Once you have seen the sequence of repeating numbers for each number, place some sort of check mark so that you know you have seen it. It's cool to look back and see just how quickly they all manifest into your reality :)

I hope this helps you, wherever you are in your journey!

Until next time,

Staci. xo


Staci Speece