Moana & My Journey

I know, I know… Am I really going to compare my life to a Disney movie? You bet your ass I am. I’m a part of the generation that has yet to grow out of its obsession with Disney, but partly because I feel as though the movies often connect with my soul. I can even draw some parallels between Walt’s life and my own.  And as much as I adore Beauty and the Beast above any and all Disney movies, Moana is the one that speaks directly to my soul.


In fact, I’m sure many of us could compare our life journey to the storyline of this movie. Having a call in your heart to do something, torn between wanting to go after it and doing what your family thinks is best for you. Having a dream and sharing it with those closest to you, only to have them tell you “Sometimes, who we wish we were, what we wish we could do, it’s just not meant to be” (Actual quote from Moana’s mom). And it rarely is meant to keep us from actually going for it but more so to keep us safe. That’s how our loved ones show their love. 


 But those who have the courage to go beyond the reef are the ones who end up doing big and wonderful things. You know, Moana restoring the heart of Te Fiti and order in the world.


Personally, I’m a chronic people pleaser. I have spent my entire life doing what everyone expected of me, barely saying no to things that made me feel uninspired and trapped while neglecting the things that helped me feel FREE. When I saw how proud everyone was of me to have direction that I was sticking to, I felt unstoppable. Until that path didn’t light me up anymore. I stuck to it, though, feeling a sense of duty to my loved ones. Kind of like Moana accepting her fate as the next village chief.


But just like her call to the line that meets the sea (I hope the song gets stuck in your head), I have always felt a call for bigger and better things. And as I laid in bed dealing with crushing fatigue while watching Moana, a fog lifted from my mind as Moana started on her journey to find Maui.


Just like anyone at the beginning of a new path, she’s excited and extremely hopeful.  She has no clue how to sail, but she goes forward anyway.  This is exactly how I felt when I first left teaching… I had no freaking clue how I was going to make it, but the way started to unfold in front of me.


Then, one night while she is sailing, she flips her boat and in frustration, asks the ocean (parallel to my life: The Universe) for help, only to run into a storm.  And just like the storms in our lives, she is lead exactly to where she needs to go to find Maui.  While this obviously occurs a lot quicker in the movie than it often does in real life, the important thing to note here is that storms aren’t meant to lead us to give up, but rather to where we need to go.


Maui, the ultimate cynic (who is often someone closest to us) does everything in his power to bring Moana down.  As he jokes about the ocean choosing Moana to restore the heart, you can see her start to question herself. If I had a dollar for all of the people in my life who have made me question myself, I’d be able to pay my student loans off. Okay, maybe not that much money, but you get the idea. There’s a lot of them. And some of them used to be my heroes (kind of like Maui and his status as a hero long ago).  Moana keeps going, however, and starts to teach Maui a thing or two about life.  I think this is SO true about the people around us…  As the ones who decide to go for it, we get to teach our loved ones that they, too, can achieve whatever it is they want.  You just have to have the courage to push through FEAR.


The most powerful moment of this movie that gets me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. is when Moana begs the ocean to choose someone else (watch below).   “Why did you bring me here?” is a question I have asked the Universe SO many times. Sometimes I just want to know why this dream has been put into MY heart, because I don’t always feel strong enough to keep at it. But when Moana lets go of the heart, she starts to cry.  It’s so hard to let go of dreams and you hesitate to do it. Even though letting go would make life easier in a way.   But that’s when a sign usually shows up to point you back towards it. Like Moana’s grandmother appearing on her boat.


First of all, that entire scene brings me to tears. Especially when they sing.

“And the call isn’t out there at all its inside me.” WHAT YOU NEED IS INSIDE YOU. You don’t need the direction from anyone because it is there, deep within you.


And after that, her faith is restored and she realizes that she IS meant to live out this dream with the love and guidance of her grandmother in her heart (this part hits so close to home). While Disney isn’t presenting your life in musical form, you know that there are going to be setbacks and obstacles. But you are always lead back to what’s meant for you.


Then you find that YOUR power is what gets the job done (Moana being the one to restore the heart, not Maui).


Maybe comparing your journey to Moana doesn’t resonate with you and that’s fine. I just hope that even when you feel as if the Universe is ignoring you, you keep going. Because the Universe is ALWAYS leading you to what you need.  Just because it doesn’t look like the plan you have in place for yourself doesn’t mean you’re on the wrong path. 


Trust the guidance and above all, trust YOURSELF.


And watch Moana… Because it’s one of the best movies everrrrr.


Until next time. Love & Light,


Staci xo   

Staci Speece