Give Your Mind a Break!-Manifesting Burnout

First and foremost, I would like to say that the Law of Attraction can 100% be easy for you. It has absolutely been that way for me in the past.  But like any ol' human being, my ego loooooves to get in the way. Exhibit A: Money.

Now, I have drastically changed my money story in the past year and a half. While I'm not exactly racking in thousands of dollars a second, I have gone from being embarrassingly in the negatives to making my payments for everything on time and being able to BREATHE. Might not seem like the thing you want to hear when you're trying to manifest dolla dolla bills, y'all. But I promise you, if you're looking for that quick fix, chances are you are very much like me and NEED to hear what I'm about to throw down...

The money isn't coming to you because you can't let go of the need for it.

I know how gut-wrenching it is to read that. I know the hissy fit you want to throw because the answer still isn't hitting you yet. Girrrrrl (and guy), throw that hissy fit. Cry. Scream. Let it OUT. Because any negative feeling/emotion/energy you hang on to is going to keep your desires just out of reach.

Hearing that you need to get into alignment and be on the same vibration as money is SUPER frustrating, I get it. But because we have been resisting this information, we have been stuck. Or maybe your finances have even taken a turn for the worse.  It isn't easy to have faith when your bills are due and the money isn't there.

But guess what my dears?  It is IMPERATIVE that you hold on to that faith. Because faith moves mountains.

And another little tip for you in regards to manifesting money: STOP TRYING.

I've caught myself plenty of times saying "I'm trying so hard every single day and I get NOTHING!" Well gee, Stace. You want manifesting money to be easy & quick, yet you try every single day. And while action is soooo important in manifesting anything, you trying is not you TRUSTING. The action that you take should feel good and light. It shouldn't feel heavy. You shouldn't feel your shoulders slump or your heart break.

So here is what I want you to do. Because I have done it, and it has worked wonders for my mind & soul. I want you to take a break.  I promise you that taking a break will not say to the Universe "Hey, I give up!" But if you surrender to the Universe and walk away for a bit, it is going to let out one big "THANK YOU" and maybe a "ABOUT FREAKING TIME!" and then it will get to work on your behalf.

How to give yourself a break?

1. Read a book that isn't self-help/personal development themed.

I am at Barnes and Noble at least once a week, flying through any book I can get my hand on. I soak up the information and add things to my daily routine that can help me live my best life. But I hate when I become robotic. Even more so, I hate when things become task-like. I rebel against tasks for some reason. Just recently, a client/friend of mine gave me an assignment during one of our weekly calls: Read a fiction book. It seems laughable to some, but for someone who has been an avid reader her whole life, I had to be reminded to take a break from growth and just RELAX a little. Now, I've started an "Every Other Rule"... For every self-help book I read, I have to read something else, too. I actually find myself missing that first book I read because it gave me a chance to jump into another world instead of my mind!

2. Watch something funny.

If you don't like to laugh, you're probably not going to manifest a positive lifestyle. Just saying. Step away from the computer screen and put something funny on that will keep your mind off of things.  My fiancé and I pop in any Kevin Hart movie when we're feeling down. OzzyMan Reviews on Facebook is pretty freaking hilarious if you need a quick laugh and you're unable to watch a movie or show. FuckJerry is another hilarious social media account that can give you instantaneous laughs! Let yourself lighten up!

3. Get out in nature.

I'm a huge homebody. I could lay in my bed all day reading, working on my brand, or watching throwback TV shows. But sometimes you just need to get out of the house. Even if you're a city slicker, I highly suggest finding something to do in nature to ground you.  As a fire sign, I love going to sit by a body of water. I feel as though it soothes me. So I make my way to the lake or the beach to sit by the ocean when I need to really reel it in.  If you're not sure what to do in your time in nature because sitting still isn't your thing (or your mind is racing), bring a journal and just let it flow!

4. Unplug.

I know, I know. Putting down your PHONE?! But sometimes you really just need to shut down and shut out the instantaneous connection. If that's really a struggle for you, do it for bits of time rather than going cold turkey. I know people who go off the grid for weeks at a time.  I'll be the first to admit I'm not able to do that. But shutting down for a night or two is so refreshing and lets you clear your mind!


Manifesting shouldn't lead you to a burn out. Even as someone who lets it get to that point at times, I know that it can all be so easy and FUN.  So give yourself some time to step away and regain focus so that you can silence the ego and return to love and its manifestation in your life!

Until next time, my loves... Love, Light & TACOS!

Staci, xo



Staci Speece