Summer Reading List for the Soul!

I think it is NO secret that I am a bookworm/nerd. I always have a new book that I'm diving into, absorbing its content and putting to use the practices that fit into my life. It's been quite some time since I have sat down with a fiction novel. I just LOVE knowledge and putting that knowledge to USE.

As summer approaches and your toes start to sink into the sand, I figured I would give my recommendations on books that have helped me grow immensely over the last six years. These are the books that taught me how to truly fall in love with myself and this life, even with all of it's challenges. And if you don't know me or do not currently follow me, I have experienced a LOT in my 27 years. Because of these books, I have a much better handle on obstacles and hard times than I did before I really started focusing on living a more positive lifestyle.  I hope they bring you whatever it is that you need in this life! Even if that means another book that will bring you closer to living out those dreams that make your heart flutter.

Plus there's something so soothing about cracking open an inspirational book next to the crashing waves!

1. You Are A Badass and You Are A Badass At Making Money- Jen Sincero

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I'm throwing two in one on this first recommendation because they're both phenomenal reads.  You have probably seen You Are A Badass even if you haven't realized it. It's a bright yellow book that you can find on the shelves of Target and Barnes and Noble, as a pretty much permanent fixture at this point.  I read this book 4 years ago and it has been on the Best Seller's shelf in Barnes and Noble for at least two years at this point.  This book makes "self-help" seem a little less corny or daunting.  Jen Sincero is witty, sarcastic, and completely down-to-earth, making both books easy to digest and life-changing.  While You Are A Badass focuses on life as a whole, You Are A Badass At Making Money focuses on changing your money beliefs and bringing more of it to you (in case you couldn't get that from the title).  You will laugh and possibly pump your fist in the air while truly feeling like a BADASS. P.S. I recently met Jen at one of her book signings and she was just as cool as she seems in her book. Trust me on this one... or two. Get them. Read them. And read them again!

2. The Secret- Rhonda Byrne



This is actually the book I credit with changing my life.  Maybe you've seen it? Maybe you've seen the documentary with the same title on Netflix.  If you have and have not checked it out yet, get to it. I will warn you, the first time I picked up this book, I wasn't ready for its message. I thought it looked cool and the pages felt nice (I'm weird) but after reading a few pages, I put it down and thought "Yeah right."  A higher power must have really wanted me to read this book, because a couple of weeks later, as I was beginning my study abroad experience in Seville, Spain, I was drawn to a bookstore (surprise, surprise) that had books in many different languages.  I found the last copy in English and began to really read it this time, feeling as though I was holding a completely different book.  At the time, I really wanted things to work out with a guy I met before I left.  But life has a funny way of placing tests in your life so that you wake up and move towards who you are really meant to be.  This book teaches you that YOU create your reality. And even when things are not in our control, we have the power to change what we see moving forward.  Deeply rooted in the teachings of the Law of Attraction, you'll learn how to bring about the things you think about and desire.

3. The Universe Has Your Back- Gabby Bernstein



After reading her book Spirit Junkie, I was really drawn to this book by Gabby.  While she has more of the spiritual tone to her writing, she's also someone who I enjoy learning from.  This book, along with Gabby's other books, is inspired by lessons in A Course in Miracles, a self-guided spiritual text that teaches you how to move from fear to love in all aspects of your life. What I really love about this book, is that it teaches you how to surrender and co-create with the Universe. As woo-woo as that might sound, it's a breath of fresh air once you embrace that truth. One of my favorite chapters is when Gabby talks about asking for a sign from the Universe amidst house hunting.  This sign would help her make a decision that not only she felt was right for her, but the Universe as well.  You can use this practice in any area of your life, along with the other lessons Gabby teaches in this book.  When you begin co-creating with the universe, amazing things start to fall into place and soon, your life will be unrecognizable.

4. The Magic-Rhonda Byrne



If you are looking for a book that helps you change your life over a period of time, this is it! For 28 days, you are able to look at all of the areas in your life that you may want to change. Even if things are great in a particular area, you may see them get even BETTER.  This is very similar to what Rhonda writes about in The Secret, but breaks it down into daily activities that you can take with you into your daily practice way past the 28th day.  I've read this book through, implemented the practices, shared with others, and done it all over again.  If you want to take your change day by day, this is it for you!


5. Let Your Spirit Guides Speak- Debra Landwehr Engle

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This book came to me at the perfect time.  A time when I really wanted to go deeper with my spiritual beliefs. I recently had a thought that my financial story didn't need to be looked at as a challenge anymore, but rather a way to connect on a deeper level with my spiritual side.  I made my way down the Self-Transformation aisle at the bookstore and this was the first book I saw.  It was out of place and totally meant for me.  The title made me think it was exactly what I was looking for.  I'm always seeing signs and then overthinking them.  This book really helped me stop questioning them and truly believe in the guidance I receive daily. To really drive that point home, as I walked to find a comfy chair to sit in and check out the book, I found a white feather laying on the ground; a sure sign of angels being near. This book gives you ways to connect with spirit guides and helps you foster a strong relationship with them.   Had I read this book at the beginning  of my journey, I don't think I would have appreciated it as much.  Now, it was exactly what I was looking for. You need to have a certain level of openness to really take anything way from it, but I promise you, it's worth the read if you can keep that open mind and heart. 

6. The Only Little Prayer You Need- Debra Landwehr Engle

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After completely devouring Let Your Spirit Guides Speak, I had to go get this one.  I spent so much time looking for it in Barnes and Noble because it was not in the space indicated on the computers. I practiced asking my guides for help and in no time, after going off of an idea from one of the workers, I found it sections over! THIS book... I loved it so much.  This one is something we all need to read.  Don't let the word "prayer" scare you.  The prayer Debra gives you in this book is so simple and yet moves mountains.  Basically, it teaches you how to move from fear to love in every single area of your life.  If you find yourself stressing about paying bills, this book teaches you how to ask for your fear-based thoughts surrounding paying the bills to be healed.  If you are struggling with a relationship, ask for your fear-based thoughts surrounding love and the relationship to be healed.  Whatever it is that you are afraid of in life or that holds you back, ask for your fear-based thoughts to be healed and you will feel a sense of calm and peace that you didn't know was possible. 

7. Spiritual Klutz: Stories of Navigating the Self Help World & the Law of Attraction- Staci Speece

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Not to self promote or anything, but this is my very first book and I wrote it for the soul purpose of connecting with like-minded individuals.  It's a quick, easy read that lets you know you are NOT alone in the blunders that may occur down the road of spirituality.  My intention with this book is to introduce you to the Law of Attraction and show you how it's teachings have helped me tremendously in life. I like to teach from personal experience and that is my approach in this book.  So if you want to get started in the world of self-help/personal development, Spiritual Klutz is a great start! You won't feel scared or as if you need to look or be a certain way to call yourself spiritual.  It's all about embracing YOU as YOU. Plus you get some laughs in at my expense! You are WELCOME!

You never know what happens when you pick up a book that is written with the hopes of changing your life. You may completely disregard the information being presented. Or, just maybe, you'll find the key to change right in front of your eyes. There may be books that you pick up thinking you'll love it, only to find yourself bored half way through.  Don't get rid of it just yet.  It's possible that you're just not ready for that particular message. Put it away for a later time and you'd be surprised what happens! 

Just make sure you take the knowledge you are receiving and APPLY it to your life.  Don't be a sponge.

May your summer days be filled with sandy shoes and good reads, my friends! If you have any suggestions on books that have totally rocked your world, feel free to message me on Instagram @stacispeece  or email me at!

Love, light & chips and salsa,

Staci, xo


Staci Speece