Signs, Signs, Signs.

I really wanted that title to flow like Destiny Chid's Bills, Bills Bills, but it didn't. Ah well, ya win some, ya lose some. The good news is, that doesn't take away from the AWESOMENESS that is "signs."

What kind of signs am I talking about?

Only the best kind... duh!



Receiving signs from our angels, spirit guides and/or the universe can make you do one of two things; jump for joy or feel bat shit crazy.  I've felt both sides of the spectrum.

Signs can also bring you tons of comfort when you may be feeling alone or down. They can bring you clarity. They can bring you the guidance you've been needing in making big decisions.

Our angels and guides are always there, willing to give us the help we need, if we just give them permission to do so.

I haven't always been open to receiving signs.  I can't think of a time in high school when I even thought about them.  I was introduced to the world of the Law of Attraction and spirituality in college and that's when I started to experience the magic of signs. But I would immediately discount them, either by overthinking them or dismissing them completely.

Over the last few years, however, I've been more open to receiving them.  It started with butterflies. I was having a session with a friend who is a medium, and she asked me if I see those little white butterflies fluttering around.  I see them everywhere. Even to this day. The thing is, I'd always see two within inches or feet of one another.  She let me know that the butterflies were signs from my Nana and my mom, who both passed away within a year of one another. Another instance with a butterfly was when I felt something itchy on my foot at a party one summer.  I bent down to scratch it, only to find a beautiful and BIG yellow and black butterfly, sitting on my flip flip strap. The little beauty let me bring it to my finger and sat there slowly moving its wings for a few minutes before flying off. It was the coolest experience ever and from then on, I've seen all types of butterflies everywhere.

And over the last two years, different types of birds have really come into my line of focus. Especially cardinals, crows, blue jays, and hawks.  A friend who is an energy healer helped me realize that the crows are my mom.  The cardinals I see are usually around after I've been thinking of my mother-in-law or my Poppop.  Blue Jays just make me feel the need to be fierce. And hawks help me when I need to stop focusing on the little details and turn my attention to the bigger picture.

Over the last few days, I've realized a connection between receiving signs through butterflies and birds; wings. While it may seem cliché, I've really been trying to spread my own wings.  So I'm not surprised that my angels and guides come to me through pretty winged-creatures.  After all, they're what get my attention! It's fitting, because I associate flying with being free and at peace, which is what I have been co-creating in my life and strive to have more of in the future!

But there are still times when I doubt my signs or overlook them, thinking I'm really just reaching for meaning.  That's when another big sign for me comes in; repeating numbers.

We all know the whole 11:11 make a wish shebang. But my guides like to take it about 7 steps further and show me 111, 222, 333,444, 555, and 888. 217, 1117, 723, and 1217 are also numbers that I see either on the clock or on license plates almost daily.  While they all have different meanings, they always come to me when I'm doubting or feeling lost.  For example, this morning, as I was driving home from getting my friend's daughter ready for school and on the bus, I received a repeating number sign.

I sat in the driveway of my friend's house saying a prayer to my spirit guide, whom I've just recently named Gloria.  Don't ask me why, it just came to me, so I went with it. Actually, the song Gloria by Laura Branigan popped into my head and that's how I really took that name and stuck with it. I like me some pop culture. 


Anyway, I'm sitting with my car in park and music turned down, chatting with Glor-ee-yaa about financial abundance/freedom and if it's in alignment with Spirit (this exercise is taken from my current read  Let Your Spirit Guides Speak by Debra Landwehr Engle). After my prayer, I backed out of my friend's driveway and made my way to Dunkin Donuts for a bagel before coming home to write and work out. When I pulled into the Drive-Thru, I pulled in behind a car that had 888 as a part of their license plate. I immediately smiled and felt super in alignment because 888 symbolizes abundance and prosperity.  According to Doreen Virtue's Angel Numbers, 888 is "a very auspicious sign of complete financial support from The Universe. Money is flowing in your direction!"

Now, while my immediate reaction was joy and relief, my ego automatically kicked in to come up with ways in which I could be wrong. When I didn't let that affect me, my mind tried to come up with ways in which this abundance could be possible. Once again, I had to push that away and just surrender it up to the higher power at work. And it felt SO freeing to do that!

And as I drove down the road towards my neighborhood, a cardinal zipped out in front of me. So it's so important to note that when you are receptive and open to the signs, they will come. When you recognize them and accept them, more will flow to you.

This is especially reassuring in times of heartache and sadness.   Because when you're not feeling good, you know you're not operating at a high frequency. But all it takes is one small glimpse of a sign to turn things around. 

This was true for me last week, as I had come down with the flu.  It kicked in after a few weeks of stress in helping someone who doesn't necessarily appreciate anything and also setting up for my nephew's first birthday.  A lot of prep went into that and I think I was just exhausted from being go, go, go the week leading up to the party on top of the emotional stress I was already feeling.

So my energy was low and I was barely able to eat anything. I woke up one morning to go visit with my friend's horse because to top off the emotions and party prep, my friend had to put her one horse down.  It was absolutely heartbreaking, as she was only 10.  She was my friend's dream come true and I watched my friend grieve both her love and her dreams.

I was nervous to head up to her house because it's about an hour from mine and I still wasn't 100% on the mend. But it was a beautiful day and the closer I got, the more at ease I felt.  Being with her other horse, Sweat Pea, was just what the doctor ordered. And it was such a beautiful, almost magical experience.  The little white butterflies were fluttering around and a blue jay was flying in and out of my view.  Now Belle, the horse that passed away, was a sassy little spirit! So to me, the blue jay was her letting us know she was there with us.  After spending about 2 hours with P, I made my way down the street to my friend's parents' house, where more horse love awaited me! My friend's mom is very much in touch with angels and the spiritual world, so I absolutely love visiting with her. Not to mention her property is a DREAM.

As I turned off my friend's street onto her parents' street, I mindlessly flipped the channel on my radio.  The opening beat to Carrie Underwood's "See You Again" started playing and I was like "WHOA."  I pulled over and texted Jess a picture of the screen on my radio and she was just as floored.  And right before I turned down her parents' driveway, a cardinal flew across the street in front of me. I was smiling and told my friend's mom as I pulled up to the house.  I was totally loving the signs!

Being at both houses always lets me get into alignment with my dream of owning land and horses, so on my drive home, I prayed out loud.  I asked if we would have our dream home with land and horses by the time I turn 35 (which is 7.5 years from now) and released it to the universe. And instantly after releasing the prayer, I noticed my car clock read "2:22". I got CHILLS. And as I started to smile, the radio announcer played a country song titled "Everything's Gonna Be Alright".  I just laughed to myself and said thank you to my guides. Because 222 means that you are to trust that everything's working out exactly as it should and that you need to let go and have FAITH! It was such a cool day. And it started off on such a low frequency.  The cherry on top to that morning/early afternoon was hearing the song from Flashdance, "What a Feeling." 

Even though this song is from Flashdance, it always makes me think of the movie The Internship with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson.  There's a point in the movie when their team hacks the google screen and starts playing the song while they dance down the aisle tossing out Pizza to the crowd.  First of all, who doesn't want to dance to a cheesy 80s song while having pizza thrown at them for consumption? If you say "not me", then you are not really living!!!! (Kidding).

As the lyrics played "I can have it all/Now I'm dancing for my life/Take your passion/And make it happen/Pictures come alive/You can dance right through your life" I danced in my car and allowed them to hit right to my corny soul as I got closer to home. 

I felt unstoppable. I felt inspired. And I felt fierce. All while still having the flu.

It's all because of the signs.  And they've continued to keep on coming with more clarity and have been easier to notice and receive. 

So I encourage you to open yourself up to the signs and synchronicity in life.  When you do, you receive beautiful guidance that helps reassure you that you are going in the direction you are meant to go! And magical opportunities will flow into your life!

Get out there and see what this universe has in store for you :) And cherish the signs you receive!

For more information on how to communicate with your guides and receive signs, I highly encourage reading the book Let Your Spirit Guides Speak by Debra Landwehr Engle or The Universe Has Your Back by Gabby Bernstein.

Love & light with a side of chips and salsa,

Staci, xo

Staci Speece